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Not Your Average Knit

Each year, there is a new way to stay warm. Fall 2014 brings with it a fresh way to wear knit.  It’s faintly reminiscent of the early 2000’s when long belted sweaters were in.  But this fall, all of our colder weather sweater looks are leaning toward a longer, thick-knitted  feel.  Michael Kors goes for a long and flowy look while Lanvin gravitates toward a long, but more fitted, style. Stella McCartney oozes femininity where The Row displays an oversized look.  Despite the cut or the shape, stay fashion forward for fall.

H&M and Forever 21 are always good places to look for affordable knock offs of runway looks. Have a bit more to spend? Check out Free People


Michael Kors


Stella McCartney

The Rowimage



History Lesson: The Nineties!

The 1990’s was a decade that experienced incredible innovations in digital technology. It was a time that we at Leonard’s are very proud of so we will be covering this time period this month and next month! During the early 90’s, we installed our second full color printing press which allowed us to print over 130 million full color copiers per year. We also purchased the first of two new long roll film scanners from Kodak. This scanner came with the ability to scan film with hundreds of images via the aid of a film drive. Unfortunately, it was delivered with the film drive inoperable. Our current President, Leonard Tucker Jr., wrote a script for the program in order to make it work. This gave Kodak the ability to place this and future models in dozens of labs across the U.S and aided in the birth of digital photographic input. It was also during this decade that Leonard’s purchased it’s first of three 11 inch wide digital printers from Kodak. This gave us the ability to print digital composites and streamline processes!

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know the Leonard’s Team!

This month, Ali Knoll interviewed Natalie from the Customer Service Department. Natalie sits in Leonard’s front office and operates the switchboards. Natalie is an awesome customer service representative. She does whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy! “It is so important for our customers to have a positive interaction when they initially contact Leonard’s. We were excited to move Natalie into this position because she is helpful, upbeat, and our customers are her number one concern,” says Claudia Dencer, Director of School Relations and Marketing. We are  fortunate to have Natalie on our team!


Check out the full interview!



What is your name?

Natalie Morris


Which department do you work in?

Customer Service Department


What are some of your daily tasks?

Answering customer service phone calls and emails, assisting with the Senior Dept, and also lending a hand with data entry.


How do you contribute to our customer service team?

I try my best to help out in any area that needs my assistance.


Here at Leonard’s we capture memories! What is one memory you are glad you captured through photography?

Like any little child, my favorite place was going to Disney World. Its amazing to look back and see the excited, childish smile on my face and remember how happy I was to meet all the characters.


What are three words that best describe you?

Kind-hearted, Helpful, and Efficient


Do you have any special talents?

I don’t have many but I do know how to play the piano fairly well and I am also fluent in American Sign Language. I used to interpret at my church.


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I think it would be so awesome if I knew how to sew well. Then I wouldn’t need to spend my money at the store for clothes!


If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?

Jennifer Lawrence. She is such an amazing actress who truly doesn’t care about stereotypes and is a great inspiring role model.


What is the best part of waking up? 

Having the opportunity to help out people the best that I can and hopefully making their day a little brighter.


Is a picture worth a thousand words?

I truly believe so. You can explain what someone or something looks like with thousands of words but one picture can explain it all right there.


Leonard’s Style Report: Rockin’ Pastels

This summer it is all about pastels! Pastels are super feminine and flirty and they pair best with a neutral color pallet. If you’re super brave, go for an entirely pastel look! We especially love pastel dresses, skirts, and skinnies. Adding pops of color are also great with a pastel look. However, our favorite look is pairing a pastel dress with some fresh white accents!



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Love it or Leave it: Peter Pan Collars

Peter Pan collars have been seen all over the place! Designers like Carolina Herrera and Marni have spotlighted these glamorous neck adornments in their Spring collections. A Peter Pan collar is a chic accessory that adds flare to any outfit. Don’t be fooled by the name. Peter Pan collars can be extremely sophisticated. Best paired with crew neck tops and dress, these pieces add just enough edge to spice your look up. We LOVE Peter Pan collars! What do you think? Will you be rockin’ these chic collars? Or should they be left in fantasyland?

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Leonard’s Senior Studios: Senior Photography in the Old City

Senior year is one of the most exciting times in a student’s life! We are proud to offer our seniors a unique experience with highly skilled photographers as well as an exceptional line of products. Leonard’s photographs around 30,000 seniors each season and has four studios in the state of Florida: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Saint Augustine. Each studio is different in its own way. This week the spotlight is on the Saint Augustine studio!


This season we will be offering a few new features at our Saint Augustine studio. These features include several innovative grey vogue background, cutting-edge fashion lighting, and the brand new Vintage Loft! We have an incredible team of photographers at each location. The group at the Saint Augustine studio has been photographing together for over five years. This happens to be one of their favorite times of year because of the amount of creativity that surrounds senior photography. Their interaction with the seniors always leads to amazing shots that make for lasting memories!


History Lesson: The Eighties and the Big Move!

The 1980s was a decade of great social, economical, and technological advancement. It was during this decade that Leonard’s Photography made the “Big Move” from our humble St. George Street location to our present location on San Marco! For a short time Leonard’s continued to utilize the St. George location for film processing until it was eventually moved over permanently in 1983.


At this point, we were still bagging all of our photos by hand. It was an extremely tedious process that required the use of many employees. Leonard’s was operating almost twenty-four hours a day with second and third shifts. A few of our wonderful team members up in the lab began working for Leonard’s during this time. Susan Winman, the Photographic Lab Supervisor, joined the team during the Big Move. She was brought on to help Linda with film processing at the St. George location!

Leonard’s Photographic Lab —Team Work and A Strong Family Bond

Leonard’s Photography is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over sixty years. While it is true that strong family ties exist within the Tucker family itself, similar family bonds resonate throughout the entire company, especially within the Photographic Lab. “We have all worked together for so long. We work well together. We are a very good team,” says Debbie Bates, the Photographic Printing and Digital Editing Supervisor. Debbie has been with Leonard’s since 1987. “When I first started we had film. Some of the photo printing was done in the dark rooms and we had to physically move the film by hand,” Debbie states. Since then, there have been incredible advancements in technology and the lab has worked together as a team to transition into the digital age.


 “At Leonard’s we believe our advantage is the people on our team. With an average employee tenure of over 17 years, we have a strong family bond amongst us that is second to none! We have such a diverse line of products and services we offer, so the fact that we are all in one location, working together as a team, helps the process go smoothly. I couldn’t be more proud of our fantastic group!” says Randy Sellers, Director of Operations. With team members that have been with Leonard’s for over thirty years, such as Susan Winman, the Photographic Lab Supervisor, and Britt George, the Photographic Packaging and Finishing Supervisor, it is no wonder that the lab operates as smoothly as it does. Both Susan and Britt attribute Leonard’s success to organization, an efficient work flow, and most importantly, team work.