History Lesson: The Sixties

The sixties was an incredible decade for Leonard’s. In 1957, Leonard’s started offering color prints! During this time period, Leonard’s was sending color prints to Kodak for processing. Our founder, Leonard R. Tucker Sr., soon began adapting Kodak printers using techniques Kodak had never even heard of. They even sent engineers to visit Leonard’s in an attempt to seek out ideas on how to design such printers. By the 1970’s we were printing all of our color photos in-house!


Leonard Tucker Sr. also built all of the roll processors internally. During the summer months when school was out, the photographers would assist in building photo equipment and processors. The entire production took place in the old St. George location that was our home until 1984 when we eventually moved into our current location.

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know the Leonard’s Team!

A while back I had the opportunity to interview John Azula. John is our Digital Media Coordinator and he is an amazing part of our Visual and Creative Marketing Department. “John is great because he has an eye for merging the visual and audio components. He is very talented in using these inherent skills to make an incredible impact,” said Claudia Dencer, Director of School Relations and Marketing. Check out the full interview!

What is your name? 

John Michael Azula


Which department do you work in? 

Visual & Creative Marketing


What are some of your daily tasks?

Producing multimedia slideshows, creating presentations and promotional pieces, editing video and digital images.


How do you contribute to the Leonard’s team?

Provide any and all digital content to those who need it.


Here at Leonard’s we capture memories! What is one memory you are glad you captured through photography?

I have taken some really good photos of my little nephew Jackson, who is my best bud in the whole world, throughout the first year and a half of his life and each of those pictures are pretty special to me because they show how much he has grown and how awesome he has become. They have definitely provided my family and I with great memories of the little guy and for that I am very thankful.


What are three words that best describe you?

Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Do you have any special talents?

I play the bass guitar, love to surf.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I’d really like to learn to speak Spanish better. I’m ok at it, but would definitely love to be completely fluent. I travel a lot with my family and no matter what country we are in or what language is spoken, if you know Spanish, which my father does, you can always find someone to communicate with if you need help. Very beneficial.


If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?

I’d like to meet Marvin Gaye. I really love classic soul music, especially the Motown

        era, and in my opinion nobody did it better than Marvin. He was the greatest.


What is the best part of waking up?

Best part of waking up is knowing that it’s a new day and that you have a fresh start. Whatever happened the previous day doesn’t matter.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Rod Stewart basically summed it up when he said, “every picture tells a story don’t it!”


Leonard’s Style Report: Leather Jackets

I am happy to announce that today’s style report is dedicated to the quintessential leather jacket! Faux and real leather jackets are classic items that are extremely diverse, coming in a wide range of styles and colors. They are super versatile which allows them to be added easily to a variety of looks. Personally, I prefer faux leather but to each their own. I love to rock a leather jacket with a cute dress and some boots. They don’t necessarily have to be paired with biker boots. In fact, doing that can overpower your look. Instead, pair a chic leather jacket with a floral dress and some tights for look flirty and edgy at the same time! (And they look amazing on guys too!) So, look super trendy this fall and rock a chic (faux)leather jacket!


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Love It or Leave It: High Waisted Bikini

Who says we have to bare all to be flirty? The newest trend in swimwear (and fashion, for that matter) is high waisted bikinis! We can flatter the figure and go back to those retro roots (à la Marilyn Monroe) . This type of bikini is for all shapes, across the board. Be daring this summer, think outside the string bikini. In or out? You decide!    

Katy Perry

Serena Williams

Marilyn Monroe

Love it or Leave it: Super Short Hair

Rhianna did it, Emma Watson pulled it off, Jennifer Lawrence took the plunge, and, most recently, Shailene Woodley is showing it off. I’m talking about the super cute pixie cut.  Chopping off your long locks in favor of this short do requires a little bit of bravery since you’ll no longer have any hair to hide behind.  But it is also a chance for you to draw attention to those sparking eyes or that killer smile.  Although not for everyone, going for short hair can give you a whole new look: edgy, trendy, sweet, or spritely.  Even better, it’s much cheaper than a new wardrobe.  What do you think? Should you take the plunge or is this a trend better left untouched?




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Senior Focus: Don’t Forget the Pearls!

Ladies, when you are preparing for your senior photo session, please do not forget statement jewelry. It speaks volumes about your personality. Don’t be afraid to go all out with a colorful necklace or earrings. The most popular jewelry during the formal photo shoots are pearls because they are super classy and simple. Regardless of if you plan on wearing jewelry or going without, your formals will turn out amazing!


What will you wear during your photo session?

History Lessons: The Birth of Leonard’s Photography

The 1950’s was a decade of economic growth. During the fifties there was an increase in manufacturing, large scale expansion and construction, and the emergence of the monumental Civil Rights Movement. It was also at this time that the American art movement gained worldwide influence and the rise of popular culture and mass media saw a boom in its following. 


This was a huge decade for Leonard’s Photography as well! It was during this period that our founder, Leonard R. Tucker Sr., broke away from the family business, Tucker’s Studio, and started Leonard’s Photography. By 1951, Leonard’s was photographing school children from four different counties. (This was right around the same time that our President, Leonard R. Tucker Jr., was born!)

The Leonard’s Bindery: Always Lending a Hand

This month Leonard’s is pleased to highlight one of the most important departments within Leonard’s Photography, the Bindery. The Leonard’s Bindery is responsible for assembling all of the school calendars, yearbooks, senior focus books, and memory books that come through the building. It is a department with no real off-season that depends on teamwork. They always lend a hand when one needs it, something founder Leonard R. Tucker Sr. would certainly praise. The Bindery is one department where Leonard R. Tucker Sr., or as they called him, Mr. T’s legacy lives on. His influence is still felt heavily within the Bindery and among the team.

During the busiest parts of the year, this incredible team can work on up to three yearbooks a day. “Without teamwork there wouldn’t be much progress,” says Rose Wallace.  With each machine requiring at least three employees, teamwork is a must. This is an extremely physical job that requires attention to detail. The Bindery has five awesome year-round employees, Rose, Marie, Wendy, Cheryl, and Tommy. They have been with Leonard’s for a combined total of 110 years! “Everyone in our Bindery department has over 20 years at Leonard’s! It is easy to be confident in their abilities knowing that they have “seen it all.” No two days are the same in this department and they work very well together as a team. We produce half a million books annually, plus all sorts of brochures and promotional items,” says Randy Sellers, Director of Operations.

Style Report: Jersey’s

No more only being worn on game-day for these Jerseys!  This season, the sports Jersey has been making an appearance on and off the field.  Football, baseball, even old High School Basketball Jersey’s are being paired with brightly colored skirts and heels or toughened up with cutoff shorts and boots.  This style is fun to play with because you can wear it with almost anything creating totally different, fashion forward looks that let you express your personal style.  Plus, they come in tons of different colors for optimum mix-and-match potential. Oversized Jersey’s are even being worn as Dresses! What do you think?  Will you be donning your favorite Jersey and showing off your new stylish Team Spirit?



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Love it or Leave it: Denim Jackets!

Okay, I am just going to say it right off the bat. We love denim jackets! That being said, I still feel as though this article of clothing deserves a spot on our ‘Love it or Leave it’ feature. People always seem to second guess jean jackets. Let’s face it: we all own one! But how often do we wear it? I always seem to hesitate when I come across it in my (awesome) closet. Anyways, jean jackets can transform any outfit into a multi-dimensional look! (Denim jackets over maxis are a personal favorite, but I digress!) Are there really denim jacket criticizers? Yes! There are those who bash jean jackets all the time, which makes them qualified “Love it or Leave it’ items! So, what do you think? Do you love ‘em? Or should we kick them to the curb? (*sigh*) Let us know what you think!





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