Fall: A Time for Television Addictions

While fashion and pumpkin spice lattes remain loves of mine, there is something else to look forward to in fall: the restart of amazing shows! School is back in session and the weather starts to get colder (or hurricane season rears its ugly head so you’re stuck inside) which makes it the PERFECT time to obsess over shows. Very much like my red carpet themed blog, this article will be very biased and based on my television taste… I’ll go in order of premiere date to make it convenient  for all!

Let’s start with New Girl.  It’s not just because I am a total weirdo  and have brown hair and blue eyes that I am a New Girl/Zooey Deschanel fan. I think her character represents all the great/messy parts of being a woman.  She doesn’t have all the answers and isn’t a smooth-talking, suave female protagonist, but she still figures things out. She hasn’t nailed the dating scene with her mix of past relationships. Some terrible and some who were great, but she knew weren’t right for her. Add in the amazing and hilarious cast and it is worth suffering through commercials to watch the 30 minute episode! Premiered 9/16 at 9:00 PM on Fox!      image

Next, Mindy Project. I can’t get enough of Mindy. She can easily make fun of herself, embraces her flaws, and keeps us laughing. Mindy Kaling first hit my radar when I found out she was a writer for The Office. Anyone who can help create a show that funny has got to be cool. Mindy Project leaves me in fits of laughter, making me look like some deranged escaped clown each time I watch it. Her costars make the show what it is and you’ll leave each show wanting more! Premiered 9/16 at 9:30 PM on Fox. image

Alright people, I’ve done my part by giving you funny, now it’s time for the real stuff… We’ll start with the less heavy: Nashville. Has it gotten a little crazy? Yes. Am I infuriated by the current romantic matches? Absolutely. But can I get enough? No. The show is the perfect amount of drama to suck you in. Add in the voices of angels that the cast possesses and you’re in for an hour of bliss! Premieres 9/24 on ABC at 10:00 PM.     image

Now, it’s time to discuss one of the premieres I am most excited for: Parenthood. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll ugly cry. I’ve never seen a show that nails family dynamics as well as this one. Sibling rivalry is ever present, but they are all there for each other when things get bad. It perfectly captures the dynamics of marriage, both the good and the bad. It even captures the struggles of the child/parent relationship. I’m not exaggerating when I say you will cry at every episode, but it’s so worth it! The previous seasons are all on Netflix, so get on it! Premieres 9/25 on NBC at 10:00 PM.    image

I’ll end with American Horror Story. If horror isn’t your thing, do not walk, run away from this show. I will admit I am a horror snob. Not many movies scare me and I see everything, but typically walk away disappointed. American Horror Story leaves me with a terrifying, lingering feeling that causes me to lose sleep. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any scarier, they decided to base the coming season on carnivals.  If there is one certainty in the world, it is that clowns are terrifying. Each season has a completely new story line, so no need to catch up on the other seasons before this premiere, but trust me, they are worth it (well, seasons 1 and 3 are). Premieres 10/8 at 10:00 PM on FX.image

Please feel free to add any shows you feel were missed! Also, leave me a description because who doesn’t need another show to be addicted to? 

Such a cool beach photo shoot! Savannah was a natural.

Magnolia Steet at Sunset, Saint Augustine | Florida (by JamesWatkins)
Denim on a Downward Spiral?


It’s a sad week for me and fashion…Rumor has it denim is on the way out! Maybe not out, that could be my dramatic side showing, but according to a National Public Radio (NPR) piece, for the first time since the 1950’s, jean sales are down 6%. The only other noted sales drops for denim were in…

Denim on a Downward Spiral?

It’s a sad week for me and fashion…Rumor has it denim is on the way out! Maybe not out, that could be my dramatic side showing, but according to a National Public Radio (NPR) piece, for the first time since the 1950’s, jean sales are down 6%. The only other noted sales drops for denim were in the early 2000’s when khakis came back in, and before that, a brief time in the ‘70’s when corduroys were big! And still, both of those drops in sales weren’t as significant as the whopping 6 % we’re seeing now. To me, it is a travesty! Jeans are the perfect staple piece. You can dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down. Wear a heel, a flat, or a sneaker. Rock a t-shirt or your favorite high end shirt. The possibilities are endless!

So what, you ask, is replacing the ever reliable jean? Dare I say it…yoga pants and other athletic gear, also known as “athleisure” wear. Amanda Hallay of LIM College in Manhattan feels fashion trends are taking this turn because everyone wants to look effortless and like they are about to run to the gym, even when they aren’t. The change makes sense in this day and age where offices are becoming much more relaxed on dress codes, allowing leggings and yoga pants to replace the typical work wear.  Lululemon has an entire line dedicated to women who are constantly on the go. These include dresses, skirts, and stylish leggings that can be worn to the office (see below).

Maggie Serota of the online journal Death and Taxes thinks it may be the style of jeans. A few years ago, skinny jeans made it big. She feels that when only a certain body type looks good in whatever may be popular, it is natural for all the others who don’t fit those confines to find something more comfortable, and flattering, to wear. This is probably how the creation of “jeggings” came about. This allows people of all body types to have a jean appearance, but the comfort of  leggings (see below).

Until this issue resolves itself, I’ll stand by you denim…

What are our thoughts on all of this? Are you as outraged as I am by this change in fashion? Let us know your thoughts!!!

Coming tomorrow…Are Jeans on their way out? 
Awards Season: Feeding Fashion Addiction

Aaah, it’s that time of year! No, I’m not talking about pumpkin spice everything (although that is something to celebrate).  It’s awards season! While I sat around, hoping all of my favorite people would win, I obsessed over fashion. Without further ado, let’s highlight the best of Hollywood in their best looks (yes, this article will be completely biased).   

I’ll begin with an all-time favorite funny woman:  Amy Poehler.  Amy showed up to the Emmy’s looking sleek and gorgeous in Theia Couture.  This form-fitting number lengthened Amy and showed off all of her best assets. I guess she can be more than funny…image

 From funny to fabulous, I couldn’t write a blog post referencing the Video Music Awards and not mention Queen Bey. Along with rocking her performance, giving a shout-out to women and feminism, and crying while singing to her baby, Beyonce showed up looking as gorgeous as ever. She emerged on the runway in a beautiful, beaded, black lace gown by designer Nicolas Jebran. What really set the gown apart was the geometric shapes cut out of the dress to highlight every curve Beyonce rocks. She was nothing short of breathtaking.  image

It is time to make the transition from the sweet Beyonce to one of televisions most wicked: Lena Headey, better known as Cersei from Game of Thrones. Wicked she was in her black, asymmetrical, floor-length Rubin Singer gown. Headey is as gorgeous as her evil Character, Cersei! image

Lucky for us, red carpet perfection doesn’t have to come in the form of a floor-length gown. My favorite rocker girl-next-door, Gwen  Stefani, showed up to the VMA’s in a very sexy pant suit. While pink isn’t my thing, she couldn’t have looked better. One of the best parts of fashion is the myriad looks you can see that still ooze perfection. The best part of Gwen’s look? It is from her own clothing line, L.A.M.B.    image

Another ode to pant suits can be written about Zoe Grace Moretz's look at the VMA's! She dared to be different while looking gorgeous and well put-together with her pink pants and bold, bright red shirt. At least her gutsy, Louis Vuitton look could make me happy after sobbing my way through her performance in “If I Stay.”image

Last but not least, we have  Uzo Aduba (better known as Crazy Eyes on Orange is the New Black). No you don’t have crazy eyes, she looked THAT stunning in her Christian Siriano gown at the Emmy’s. While on OITNB, she plays anything but elegant, but she proved just how talented she must be by cleaning up gorgeously to dawn the runway. image

There are SEVERAL more looks that I could gush about, but six seems overwhelming enough for those less fashion obsessed. Until next time, I’ll go drool over more excellent fashion while enjoying my pumpkin spice everything. 

Falling for Furs

There are several exciting looks coming for fall, but one of the most visually arousing is the fur coat trend sweeping the runway.  From practically floor length fur coats to cropped jackets with minor fur fringe,  it’s clear that fur is hitting hard this fall!  An over-sized, dark, heavy look is what may come to mind thinking of furs, but that is far from what we are seeing from designers. Let’s start with the beautifully bright J Mendel coat. The diagonal pattern of the various colors of fur add a feminine feel that also highlight the smallest parts of a woman’s body, making it very flattering. This is a very chic and sleek look for the professional, clean-cut woman.  image

To counter that long, full bodied look of J Mendel, we have Oscar de la Renta with a cropped jacket with minor fur details. Oscar’s look, though much shorter, is still very feminine, cinching at all the right places. The fitted silhouette with belted waist provides a very wearable fur even for your most casual outing. image

Fitted looks are always great, but it’s nice to have a fantastic, loose jacket to feel comfortable while maintaining a stylish look. Marc Jacobs took this idea and ran with it. Stay warm and current by brightening up the fall fur look with a pop of pastel! image

Obviously, there are myriad ways to recreate the fur coat to keep it exciting and current. But sometimes, traditional is the way to go. The rose-colored over-sized fur that Ralph Lauren brought to the runway is just that. Reminiscent of hiding in your grandmother’s closet and finding her fur coat, this look just feels elegant. image

Whichever look works best for you, get excited about the return of fur! Want to see the other hot fur looks from the runway? See more from Harper’s Bazaar and Style.com!   

Coming on Monday: “Falling for Furs.” Take a look at the trending fur coat looks.
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