Falling for Furs

There are several exciting looks coming for fall, but one of the most visually arousing is the fur coat trend sweeping the runway.  From practically floor length fur coats to cropped jackets with minor fur fringe,  it’s clear that fur is hitting hard this fall!  An over-sized, dark, heavy look is what may come to mind thinking of furs, but that is far from what we are seeing from designers. Let’s start with the beautifully bright J Mendel coat. The diagonal pattern of the various colors of fur add a feminine feel that also highlight the smallest parts of a woman’s body, making it very flattering. This is a very chic and sleek look for the professional, clean-cut woman.  image

To counter that long, full bodied look of J Mendel, we have Oscar de la Renta with a cropped jacket with minor fur details. Oscar’s look, though much shorter, is still very feminine, cinching at all the right places. The fitted silhouette with belted waist provides a very wearable fur even for your most casual outing. image

Fitted looks are always great, but it’s nice to have a fantastic, loose jacket to feel comfortable while maintaining a stylish look. Marc Jacobs took this idea and ran with it. Stay warm and current by brightening up the fall fur look with a pop of pastel! image

Obviously, there are myriad ways to recreate the fur coat to keep it exciting and current. But sometimes, traditional is the way to go. The rose-colored over-sized fur that Ralph Lauren brought to the runway is just that. Reminiscent of hiding in your grandmother’s closet and finding her fur coat, this look just feels elegant. image

Whichever look works best for you, get excited about the return of fur! Want to see the other hot fur looks from the runway? See more from Harper’s Bazaar and Style.com!   

Coming on Monday: “Falling for Furs.” Take a look at the trending fur coat looks.
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Keeping Cool: Learning to Love Linen

While I love writing about fall attire and runway looks, it is important to talk about what to wear right now, in the midst of a Florida summer,  to stay cool while still appearing fashionable.  Despite it being August, we have a few more months of hot, stuffy weather to go.  For all of my fellow heat dwellers, I have one word: Linen.

I know what you’re thinking: “It wrinkles!” I know I know, but it is also airy and breathable. Courtney Kerr says she has decided to embrace the wrinkles, and so shall we! Notice how beautifully her dress hangs and flows. Yes, you can see some of the wrinkles, but they don’t dominate or take away from the dress. She can enjoy being cool on a scorching 100 degree day thanks to this little number.


While the dress is an excellent route to take, the wonderful thing about linen is you can also wear linen pants in summer and still remain cool! This means achieving a more professional look for work without forgoing your comfort or overheating.  You can also try adding tank top style linen shirt to an outfit, which will look flawless with a pant or skirt.



We can’t forget about the men in our lives! Another wonderful thing about linen is it is men and women friendly. Adding a linen shirt will help keep out the heat but still keep him looking crisp and clean.  


Any of these looks will keep you as cool on the outside as you’ll be feeling on the inside after finding your perfect linen outfit.

Linens are perfect for summer! See more perfect linen looks in our blog post tomorrow! 
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Peace, Love, and Sixties Inspired Fashion

Something truly amazing is happening this fall: The sixties are back! That’s right ladies and gentlemen: knee high boots, A-line dresses, miniskirts, and pant suits are sweeping the runway and finding their way in  to your fall wardrobe. You’ll notice blues, grays, and greens are prevalent this fall, but the silhouettes and pops of color help bring the sixties feel to fruition. 

Gucci seems to have nailed this sixties runway look. Lots of those blues, greens, and rose colors are incorporated in to this fall look. Below, you’ll see the model in a flawless ankle length pant with an  A-line coat. Pair that with teased, side parted hair and you’re sixties bound! 

Valentino took to the same tame blues and greens, but also decided to go big with bright colors for their fall, sixties look. You’ll find pinks, reds, and oranges thrown in with black and white staple pieces. Valentino’s looks ooze a fun, sixties go-go dancer feel in a very wearable way. The brights will keep you upbeat this fall!

Those basic earth tones rear their head again! Carven used that same base and decided to step the looks up with pops of coral and mustard. What comes of the pairings are beautiful, slight A-line silhouettes with the stereotypical 60’s miniskirt bottom.

Lots of rompers, mini-dresses, and shifts are presented in the Dsquaredcollection. While all the clothing is clearly sixties inspired, the designers nailed the looks with added accessories on the runway: jewelry and glasses. The beautiful shift the model wearing is already phenomenal, but her brightly colored, chunky jewelry and cat eye sun glasses prove that the sixties are back with full force.

These sixties silhouettes are flattering and feminine but still wearable. Perhaps it was the Mad Men finale that made designers feel inspired or maybe the sixties were just that influential. Whatever the reason, we couldn’t be more excited!

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We’re talking sixties inspired fashion in tomorrow’s blog! 
Senior Ambassadors: Represent Leonard’s 
Lips: More Than Just a Talking Point

Ladies. For too long we have underestimated the power of lipstick. The right color brightens your face, makes your eyes pop, and draws others in. Even if you wear minimal make up, a lipstick can be an easy go-to when you need a quick look. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful or feminine than a perfectly colored lipstick. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “that color looks great on you! I could never pull that off.” Here is the best part ladies: you can! We all have different color tones, thus  there are multiple shades of lip colors for you to find your perfect shade. If you aren’t comfortable with a bright red, a dark crimson, or a popping pink, don’t fear, muted colors are also in for summer/fall. Try a mod pink, coral, or a nude for a less flashy look.

To find the right look, go to a place that sells makeup (Mac, Sephora, department stores) and ask for help. This will allow you to try the colors you like and find the ones that work. I’m partial to pinks and reds so I highly recommend Julie Hewett and Mac for flawless lip colors.

So ladies, find a shade and take it for a test run. Be daring on your next evening out! 





Nudes image

Shades of pinkimage

Shades of Redimage